Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

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The Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad is a drawing game where every stroke is like magic. Kids can create an incredible and beautiful kaleidoscope painting with just a few strokes. It is a simple drawing game where there are eight kinds of kaleidoscopes you can use.

There are more than 10 beautiful brushes and bright colors including glow neon and rainbow. The Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad will instantly turn you and your kids into experts. You can also enjoy watching the playback of your masterpiece using the movie mode.

You can randomly select colors and create amazing effects using a couple of strokes. Another awesome feature of this game is that you can actually create a movie using splashes of bright colors. This highly creative and entertaining game was created by Bejoy Mobile.

Check out www.itunes.apple.com  to learn more about the game and download it for free. This website is one of the most favorite sources of downloadable puzzle game apps that both kids and adults will surely enjoy. Visit the site for more interesting and brain-twisting games for your iPhone.

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