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Molicula is an extremely fascinatingly puzzle game. Based on the mechanics, the player must rotate and flip the pieces in order to fill the grid. Only 6 out of 7 pieces are required to complete the grid.

Whatever piece the player decides to leave out, determines the difficulty of finding the solution. This app is highly recommended. It will surely test your skills and capabilities, as well as challenge your persistence and problem-solving skills.

Puzzle fans and lovers will surely find this fun and entertaining. It is designed with simple graphics, intuitive features and over 40 unique solutions that the player must figure out. This game is a digital adaptation of the puzzle “Fantastic Island,” also known as the Atom puzzle. This delightful game was created by Eric Wolter.

Check out  to learn more about the game and download it for free. This website is one of the most favorite sources of downloadable puzzle game apps that both kids and adults will surely enjoy. Visit the site for more interesting and brain-twisting games for your iPhone.

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