Temple Trap

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Temple Trap is a puzzle adventure game. The app version has 110 unique brain teasing challenges. The player must arrange the walls and stairs to create a path through the temple.

However, part of the challenge is for the walls to constantly shift. The player must solve puzzles through the labyrinth passing 4 difficult levels. A smart player can definitely escape this cursed labyrinth.

The goal of the game is to simply pass through the temple. Each challenge is completed as soon as the player exits the temple through the highlighted path. The player must slide the puzzle pieces in order to find a safe path.

The player can easily navigate by clicking the tile where he wants to go. Unfortunately, the player cannot pass through water or fire nor can he climb over the walls. He can only pass through the paths highlighted in the game.

During the challenges, the player can collect maps to unlock hints and coins to add more time for solving challenges. This interesting and fun adventure game was created by SmartGames LIVE Inc.

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