Vaccine Case LITE

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The Vaccine Case LITE is a game of storing, mixing, and pouring the vaccine out to eradicate the virus. With the increasing difficulty of this unique puzzle game, players will surely get hooked with this brain teaser. The player’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the virus cells with vaccines of matching colors by trial & error.

The players must open the partitions and let out the vaccine to eliminate the virus cells of the same color. In case the player makes a mistake, he can go back step by step using the undo button. The player cannot open the partition using different colors of vaccines.

As the game progresses, purple and orange viruses will appear. The player must mix the vaccines to make the appropriate colors using the mixer.

This fantastic puzzle game was created by Wataru Nakano and was recognized as the winner of the Adobe AIR Contest 2012 Multiplatform Award. The free version of this game has 12 stages whereas the full version has 100 stages.

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