Metallic Ghost Cubes

This is a new puzzle for us at Puzzle Master and it sure looks exciting. This is indeed one of the most incredible puzzle works in the world. It was originally designed by Adam G. Cowan.

The original metallic colors are silver, gold, blue and purple. However, due to the ingenuity of Kenneth, he had mixed them up together into cool multicolored metallic cubes.

Overall, the quality is great especially the materials that have been used. It looks like you are looking in to the mirror. They are super reflective and shiny! It’s absolutely worth adding to your gallery of puzzle collection.

The ghost cube is a warm up in solving the 3x3x3 shape variation. Add challenge by mis-aligning the layers, making odd shaped pieces, and working with only one color. The turning, scrambling and solving is just as hard as the other ghost cubes.

This awesome puzzle can heighten your creativity and boost your spatial ability. You can purchase the Metallic Ghost Cubes at Puzzle Master.

Thank you RedKB for allowing us to use your videos. If you would like to see more of his videos, go to RedKB YouTube Channel.

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