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There are a couple of people who are prominent in books on Optical Illusions. Gianni Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber, the co-authors of this book are some of them and Al Seckel is another. All of them have published several books and all are excellent. I have written reviews on a few of them. Though published in 2007, Eye Tricks is worth getting. It is a soft cover of 9 X 10 inches, 160 pages of excellent construction, high, heavy quality paper, excellent printing and color rendition. It consists of 150 amazing Optical Illusions, mostly full page illustrations. The high quality rendering is very important in conveying the “magic” in these illusions. The illusions are presented in 6 Galleys or Chapters. Following each Galley, the solutions are given for each and are accompanied with explanations of the principles behind the illusion. The authors are co-founders of The Archimedes-lab. Many of the Illusions are of their own design, several are adaptions or different versions of illusions with the same principle, some are historical and  have entertained people of varying ages around the world for many years. There are many Optical Illusions and this book is a good representation of the various types. There are also several Dissection Puzzles are included in the book,  such as Leonard’s Puzzle on page 24, Appearing and Disappearing Birds on page 78, Tangrams on page 80 and 88, The Impossible Square on page 13, View The Rainbow in Profile on page 122, Boxed Boxes on page 114 and The Mischievous Arrows on page 142. This book will welcome you into the World of Optical Illusions. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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