Melissa & Doug Shut-the-Box

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Melissa & Doug Shut-the-Box  is a game that has entertained people all over the world for centuries. Its origin is generally thought to be in Normandy (Northern France) in the 12th Century. It has been a favorite in pubs, bars, on ships and in homes. It is a very popular gambling game particularly in Thailand. One of the things that have made it so popular is its simplicity. It takes only a couple of seconds to learn how to play regardless of age. It can be played as a gambling game or just for entertainment. The only things involved are the movable, numbered tiles which are permanently attached to the board and 2 dice. The dice are standard, and are readily available. This game has many varieties, and there are all kinds to choose from, ranging from a few dollars to fancy and expensive ones. The “classic” version has 9 numbers but there are versions of 10 and 12.  There are also double sets and even ones where four people can play at once. My suggestion is to start with a 9 tile set. A good feature is a lid to close especially for travel and storage. The “Classic” game is very simple but there are endless variations that can be introduced such as losing your turn for rolling certain numbers, doubles, etc. There is no limit to the “twists” that can be made. A game takes only a couple of minutes and ends when no move can be made. The score is the count of the tiles that have not been closed. If for instance, tiles 2, 5 and 8, are still left the score can be 258 or the total of the 3 tiles, 15. The score is against the player who cannot make a further move. The winner can be of a single game or the total of an agreed number of games. After the dice are rolled the player can choose which tiles to shut based on the total of the rolled dice. Like any game of chance there is strategy involved. There is quite a bit of information and discussion on the Net and about which strategy is best. One simple one is to make your choice in this preferred order 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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