Escape the Office

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You can be a puzzle solver pro when you play Escape the Office. This game has no story, no plot, and no motive, other than the desire to get out of the office. The players need to escape confinement as quickly as they can. It’s a point and click escape game. You need to explore your surroundings, collect tools for escaping and earn that deep satisfaction of winning – your brain versus office equipment! So pay attention to detail and tap everywhere you think might help you to Escape the Office. This game will test your puzzle solving strategy and computer gaming skills. Players can also monitor how much time it takes to complete each level.

This game will take you to an office of mind challenges. If you want to escape to your favorite place, you’d better high tail it out of this office as fast as you can. This is an addicting game that adults and kids will love to play. Let’s see how far you can go in this brain twisting game.

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