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Hexiom is a colorful, thrilling puzzle game, in which  players drag tiles using the mouse. The object of the game is to arrange all tiles in a way that each of them are adjacent to the exact number of other tiles that are showing. The tiles will change color showing your connections. There are 40 levels to complete, going from easy to challenging. This game also features a random level generator, in which you can choose between four different levels. There is also a level editor so that players can build and share levels with friends. The high scores feature of this game is now available.

Kids and adults will enjoy the challenge Hexiom offers. Challenging friends and family members, is a great way to add enjoyment as you complete different levels. Play the game now and let’s see how many levels you can accomplish in this Hexiom game.

You can go to www.kongregate.com to learn more about the game and where you can play it for free. This website is one of the best niches of superb puzzle games in the world. Visit the website now to see more fun and challening games.

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