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I have been solving Tangrams for over 50 years and have amassed a modest collection of Tangrams and books about Tangrams. However, until I found this book, I didn’t realize how little I knew about them or how modest my little collection was. Up till now I thought the Penguin publication of Joust Offers book including 1600 puzzles, plus the packaged set published by Stewart, Tabor & Chang in 1997; the Dover publication of Ronald Read’s ;as well as the beautifully packaged sets by Crawford were about all that could be done on the subject.

Not so; Slocum has produced a magnificent book and has created the new definitive book on Tangrams.
I used to think there might be as many as 3000 possible problems. Locum informs that Harold Raizer studied 104 books and card sets and of the more than 20,000 problems found 5900 different problems published before 1926.

Slocum has covered all the history and separated fact from fiction. He has reviewed all the major publications produced worldwide and included many photographs that nobody could possibly see without visiting museums and private collections around the world. His Bibliography and References is simply amazing with about 250 entries.

On top of that he has given us 1756 problems to work on as well as providing the solutions. Even here ,he has done a superb job of selecting these problems from the landmark books published over the years.

The high quality of the printing, color rendering and overall construction mirrors the high quality of the content of the book.

The title “The Tangram Book” tells it all; that’s what this book will become.
On behalf of Puzzle lovers, and particular Tangram lovers, I would like to congratulate Jerry Slocum and Sterling on their brilliant effort.

This book can be bought from Amazon.


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