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Do you think that building an entire city is a challenge? Play Tower Bloxx and see the reality.  Tower Bloxx is a strategy/puzzle mobile video game developed by Digital Chocolate’s Helsinki-based studio. The game features two types of gameplay, “Build city” and “Quick game”.

In the building mode of the game, the player needs to build and create a thriving Megalopolis. The player needs to stack up blocks to make the highest skyscrapers possible and give the umbrella peeps a home. In order to drop a block in place, swinging from a crane, the player needs to press the space bar. The player needs to build towers and place them wisely in the city grid to reach the goal.

The gamer can increase the city’s population and at each level will unlock new building types. You can see the current city level and the population of the city at the top of the screen. When the player opts for a tower building mode, they are aiming to reach a target height shown in the left corner of the game screen.

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