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Ions was selected by Apple as a new and noteworthy app in February and was the top 1 entertainment app for nearly a week! This game was even selected as a Staff Favorite in March. There is no doubt that this is an award winning game app. The player of this game will need to control up to 20,000 particles of light.This game is an addictive virtual sandbox where the player can create stunning patterns. This game runs at 60 fps and really shows off the power of the iPad.

There are unlimited creative possibilities that puzzle solvers can use in completing levels in this game. The player will simply need to use fingers to either paint with ions or interact with them. The player will also need to place emitters to control where new ions are created as well as the initial speeds and directions. The fields can be used to either attract or repel ions, altering the velocities.  The accelerometer support allows the ions to respond to gravity. The players have five different looks to choose from and each one completely changes the appearance of the ions. Additionally, the player can save and load their favorite layouts at any time. This superb puzzle game was created by Douglas Applewhite.

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