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Pathika is an oriental themed puzzle game that will give the player an extra ordinary gaming experience. The puzzle solver of this game needs to make correct use of tiles and colors in order to overcome the challenges. It features a Zen theme and design. This game can definitely hook up puzzle lovers.

In this game, the player need to control brothers Yin and Yang as they try to uncover a plot that threatens their homeland named Geometrika. There are 5 episodes that contain 50 levels each and puzzle solving gets harder as the story unfolds. After relaxing 3×3 puzzles get ready for mind boggling 4×4 and 5×5 puzzles. This game is just easy to learn but the mechanics are hard to master, there are a total of 250 mind bending levels over 5 episodes, the player needs to uncover the mystery evil that threatens Geometrika to a shocking final level, there are dungeon of Tu, tower of Jin, swamp of Shui, forest of Mu and mountain of Huo. This exciting and puzzle story game was created by Devada.

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