Aeon Beam

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Aeon Beam is a game that can bring the players to a calm environment of Aeon Beam where they need to solve riddles while relaxing at a personal koi pond full of living creatures. This game is basically an intuitive gameplay. The puzzle solvers will simply need to touch and drag the Aeon Spheres and remove all intersections until all lines turn blue. Some spheres cannot be moved while others have a restricted angle. There are five chapters with 75 levels to complete in this game.

Aeon Beam features levels divided into five chapters with different spheres, varying environments and diverse creatures. The first chapter of this game can be played for free with no charges, and if you enjoyed the game you can purchase the full version and have more fun playing the remaining other chapters for less than a dollar. This game is filled with lovely water graphics and sounds which is similar to a fascinating underwater world. This game app has been designed to run on both iPhone and iPad with full support for the bigger screen of the iPhone 5. Play this game and free your mind, discover the beautiful world of Aeon Beam. This unique puzzle game was created by MADE GmbH.

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