Match The Dots

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The dots are lovesick in this game and you’re the antidote. Play the game because it’s never too late to make a match. Match The Dots is an all-free dot-matching game that will bring superb fun to enthusiastic puzzle solvers. The player will need to connect the dots in order to beat each level, the player must not run out of moves or time and that is the ultimate challenge in this mind boggling game.

This game will train you to become the master of matching with 100 plus levels which are all absolutely for free. If you think that you’re ready to be a pop professional, you can play the mode for connecting big groups of dots where you can also earn bonus points. This game can also offer sleek game board for a super smooth experience. The player can make huge lines of dots to achieve high score levels. The players should not let the clock run out in timed levels. The player will also need to match up the correct colors because there are collection levels to beat! The player must be able to earn stars in order to unlock ten hidden modes!This game was created by IceMochi.

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