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Blip Blup is an addictive puzzle challenge of coloration that will devour your thoughts and twist your brain. This game is beautifully fashioned with spectrum of awesome colors. The player must carefully consider each move in order to fill every tile with color. There are 140 plus perplexing puzzles that will test the power of your brain. The player of this game will need to tap a tile to start a pulse of color which spreads outwards. The puzzle solver needs to color all tiles in as few pulses as possible. The player needs to carefully place each pulse relative to walls and other obstacles.

There are plenty of tricks in this game like tiles altering the player’s pulse path. The puzzle solver definitely need to think ahead in order to succeed. The player needs to adapt his thinking to overcome 10 varied series of challenges. The player can compete with his friends in order to see who can three-star every level and climb the leaderboards and become the ultimate blip master. This game features special tiles, full leaderboard support, and high definition blipping, iCloud and game center.This game was created by ustwo™.

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