Chroma Dyadic

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Chroma Dyadic is simple to learn yet hard to master. The player can compete against friends, family and strangers all vying to power their chroma power blocks with one goal which is to restore color to the world. Any puzzle lover will surely enjoy competing against others in a highly addictive color-matching puzzle game. This puzzle game features a first of its kind, parallax shifting feature.

This game comes in a story. A long time ago the world was at threat of the Chroma Void Virus. The virus was pulling the color from the land, the human race had to fight back. A council was set in place to battle the oncoming plague of monotony, the council organized the Chroma Army. The war was won and color was restored all over the land. In present times people have been taking color for granted and the virus has raised its ugly head once again. The High Council has once again come back into action to form a new army that is using the newest technology available to counter attack the monotony. Play this game like a hero. This exciting and fun puzzle game was created by Nicholas Sample.

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