Liquid Measure 3

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Liquid Measure 3 is a game that challenges the player’s strategy skills. The objective is to pour water to the pots and fill them all. The player must move the pieces into the right position to control the flow.

There are helpful resources available such as a water multiplier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitters, teleport, funnels, pots, and tanks of extra sizes. The player can use the mouse to drag and drop the flashing pieces and the spacebar to start or stop water. The player can restart the game by pressing the R and ESC button to quit and go back to the menu.

The player can pour different streams together and the amount of water will be added up. The water pipes can be controlled. However, once the water leaves a pipe, it cannot enter another one.

This game is fun and exciting. There are possible challenges that await the player on every level. Try this game to see how many levels you can complete.

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