Puzzle Master Mosquito Wire Puzzle

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The Puzzle Master Mosquito Wire Puzzle is definitely challenging to solve. You may be tempted to squash the mosquito with a fly swatter but it won’t help. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is has a difficulty level of 8.

Often, a lot of wire puzzles are made from flimsy parts. However, this one is designed with a heavy nickel plated wire and durable material. Solving this kind of puzzle doesn’t require any physical strength as most initially think.

Although it may be quite difficult to solve, some puzzles have clues to help you out. Puzzle Master can send you the clues via e-mail or you can check the website of Passion for Puzzles. YouTube is also a great source to find clues and solutions.

On the other hand, some players would rather not know the solution. However, I find it helpful especially whenever I get stuck. In case you hit a wall, I suggest you step back and rethink your strategy and start trying again.

Beginners may find this puzzle too difficult. This game is perhaps more suitable for experienced players. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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