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When it comes to Optical Illusions, you’re never quite sure what you’re looking at. Optical Illusions have not only entertained us for centuries but also leave us doubting what we see. Objects of the same size can appear bigger or smaller than they actually are.

In fact, they can even seem to appear out of nowhere. Sometimes, objects or illustration may appear to shake, spin, and even shine. The same shade of color can appear darker or lighter when viewed in the same picture.

Brain Games: Optical Illusions has a collection of nearly 150 Illusions of every type and description. One of the most interesting types is called “Impossible Objects.” Some illusions are difficult to fathom, while others jump off the page as soon as you look at them.

This Optical Illusion shows a variety of subjects through a high-quality book with excellent construction, paper, printing, and color reproduction. The book claims that it will reduce your brain age in a few minutes a day. These Optical Illusions are amusing, interesting and above all, entertaining. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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