Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

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Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is an excellent game as long as you don’t expect it to do the impossible. It requires practice to do some impressive tricks with it. Playing it is pretty much the same as juggling or doing tricks with a Yoyo.

Some tricks are quite easy to learn but the more you practice, the better tricks you’ll be able to perform. Contact Juggling has been around for many years and is rarely considered a novelty. This is just a rebirth of the same technique and has generated a lot of interest and enjoyment.

What makes this ball different is that it clearly enhances the effect of floating. The Fushigi Ball is made with the perfect size, weight, is seemingly invisible, and is perfectly smooth without any seams or markings. Some however, suggest that it breaks easily, so you should avoid dropping the ball on a hard surface and always handle it with proper care. Although it isn’t as fragile as glass, it will still crack or break if it falls on a rug or carpet.

The Fushigi Ball comes with a useful Instructional CD but there are a lot of excellent tips you can find on YouTube. The Fushigi Ball goes beyond your practice and imagination. The package comes with a display stand that is very useful and a draw string bag to keep it handy so it won’t get scratched, dirty or damaged.

Once you have mastered a number of tricks and moves, you’ll be tempted to try and use two balls. Check the internet and you’ll find lots of interesting stuff online. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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