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If you like puzzles, you’ll definitely love the IQ Twist. There are several games such as “Lonpos” and “Kanoodle” that are quite similar and they all offer a large number of puzzles or challenges. These puzzles are designed for a single player but if you have more than one set, time challenges can be arranged where more than one person can compete against another to determine who can complete the same puzzle the fastest.

While “Lonpos” and “Kanoodle” have pyramid building puzzles, the IQ Twist does not. However, this puzzle has 7 pegs that are placed in different locations and numbers. There are 8 pieces that you need to place into the playing board.

The challenge is to fit one of the holes from the pieces over a peg of the same color. This puzzle is made of sturdy plastic material and comes in a durable plastic case to store the pegs and pieces. Also included is a booklet that is made of high-quality paper with color illustrations as well as the challenges and solutions.

The puzzles are arranged in 5 different levels of difficulty ranging from Starter, Junior, Expert, Master, and Wizard. Size-wise, it is a little larger than a deck of playing cards which makes it convenient to carry around particularly when traveling.

These puzzles will provide you with many hours of entertainment and challenges. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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