T-Rex Lenticular 32 Piece Puzzle

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The T-Rex Lenticular 32 Piece Puzzle is called lenticular which refers to the technology involved in making 3-D. Another way to describe it is Holography, a technique that creates 3-D images which usesĀ  laser, interference, diffraction, and intensity.

The images change as the position and orientation of the viewer is altered, making the image appear three-dimensional. This puzzle combines the image with magnets and puts it all together in one metal box.

It appears like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces have the same sizes. There are only 32 pieces but assembling the picture is the real challenge. There are 4 ways to solve the puzzle.

On the cover, a picture with a bunch of pieces missing can be used as a guide. Meanwhile, on the back of the can, an almost complete picture can also be used as a reference.

You can also try assembling the puzzle without using any reference picture on a plain surface. The tin is also used to store the pieces of the puzzle. This puzzle offers a challenging and entertaining game for kids and adults. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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