Tangram Puzzles 500 Tricky Shapes to Confound & Astound

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Tangram Puzzles 500 Tricky Shapes to Confound & Astound is an excellent Tangram set. Tangram pieces or also known as “Tans” are made of wood which are almost ½-inch thick. These pieces are quite large and when assembled in a square, measures 4×4 inches.

The set comes with a book that offers 500 Tangram puzzles to solve. It has a coil binding, durable cover, and a place to store the “Tans.” Just carefully open the package without destroying it so that you can reuse it to store the pieces.

The 500 puzzles are represented by groups of Birds, Buildings, Cats, Convex Shapes, Shoes, Tools, Transportation, Vases, Dogs, Geometry, Tools, Heads, Households, Lamps, Large Animals, Paradoxes, People, Rabbits, Sea Life, and Spirituality. This set is almost identical to “The Tangrams Pack” by the same author, Chris Crawford.

The big difference is that there are usually 2 sets of Tangrams made of plastic while this set has one set made of wood. If you’re interested to know more about Tangrams, we strongly recommend “The Tangram Book” by Jerry Slocum. You can purchase this book and puzzle at Amazon.

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