Aha! Double Rings

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The Aha! Double Rings is an amazing puzzle that has entertained people for a years. This brainteaser is manufactured by several companies and is built with different types of materials. This particular ring is made out of plastic parts but most double rings usually consist of metal rings.

The goal is to separate the two rings but before you start doing this, you should observe how the rings are joined together. At first, you’ll notice that the rings are identical and there is no way one ring can pass through the other since there isn’t any opening.

This game includes two string loops that are both in the same size and both are too small for either ring to pass through. Since the string loops are flexible, it appears that one may pass through the other. However, that step isn’t possible either because of the plastic rings.

This is what makes this a brain twisting puzzle. Figuring out what should pass and where it should go through is quite mind- boggling. The quickest way to achieve your objective is to just cut the string but of course, it will totally destroy the goal of the game. Take note that forcing rings apart isn’t the solution either.

The best way to solve the problem is to observe the details one by one. This game is simple to play yet hard to figure out. It’s a great conversation piece during gatherings. Once you figure out the trick, you can show it to your friends and ask them to solve the problem. This puzzle is available for purchase at Puzzle Master.

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