Hanayama Level 1 Cast Puzzle Bike

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The Hanayama Level 1 Cast Puzzle Bike is an excellent game and is rated with a difficulty level of 1. Despite being an easy challenge, it is suitable for both young and experienced puzzle enthusiasts. In fact, this will challenge and entertain people of all ages.

This puzzle is created by Hanayama and is impressively well-constructed. This bike puzzle is similar to other brain teasers where the solution is often more difficult than it seems. The objective of this puzzle is to “free” the ring.

The value of this item continues even after you solve it. A good way to test your skills is to see how fast you can solve the problem. To add more difficulty, try solving it without looking at the puzzle.

Remember, there are only two pieces to this puzzle. First is the bike itself and the other one is a tiny ring which needs to be removed. Since the ring is small, it can be easily lost, dropped or misplaced.

The bike puzzle is an excellent choice for puzzle enthusiasts since it is easy to understand and all it takes is patience and perseverance. This puzzle is available for purchase at Puzzle Master.

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