The Tangled Ring

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The Tangled Ring is an excellent puzzle that is suitable for all ages. Similar to other puzzles sold in the market, it has the same basic puzzle parts and has been around for quite some time. This puzzle is created by several companies making it quite popular with puzzle enthusiasts.

There are others types of similar puzzles sold on Amazon including the Eureka, Eureka 3D String Puzzle (Narrow Escape), and Lord of the Rings. These puzzles are sold at different price points.

The base isn’t part of the problem solving and merely acts as a nice display stand. The ring may be made of metal or wood depending on the type of puzzle you buy while the balls can either be white or colored.

The puzzle solver’s objective is to remove the ring. The ring or blocks should pass through the slot while the balls should also be able to pass through the ring. However, the blocks should not go through the ring.

At first, it appears impossible but with a little perseverance, smart thinking, and gentle movement, you can complete its release. This puzzle looks simple rather than intimidating. Plus, it is made from high-quality materials and won’t easily break. This puzzle is available for purchase at Puzzle Master.


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