Pyramid Puzzle (Set of 2) by Uday – Trick

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The Pyramid Puzzle (Set of 2) by Uday – Trick is considered as a classic puzzle. For this game, you are actually getting two puzzles. It is manufactured in wood material but there are many versions in plastic.

This puzzle is easy to carry in your pocket and is very indestructible. All 4 pieces are identical to each other. You can try giving it to 2 people and give each 2 pieces to see who can build a pyramid first. Another option is to give 3 pieces to someone and ask them to build a pyramid.

No matter how much they try, it will be impossible to do it. Once they give up, you can show them how to build a pyramid with only two pieces then tell them nobody said you had to use 3 pieces. The extra piece was actually meant to fool them.

This puzzle is available for purchase at Amazon.

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