Rubiks Pen Puzzle

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Rubiks Pen Puzzle is an excellent pen that you can buy for yourself or perhaps give it as a gift to someone who enjoys playing with Rubik’s Cubes or puzzles. You must be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube which acts as the cover of the pen.

Since it is a 1 x 3 cube, even your uncle, aunt or grandma can learn to play by themselves. Once they solve this puzzle they will surely feel satisfied.

The pen itself is well-made but a little bit overpriced. Plus, the pen cannot be replaced once it runs out of ink. At the same time, you cannot use the Rubik’s Cube cap on another pen.

The cap has a cord and ring which can be used as a zipper tab or you can attach it to a key chain. Although it is indeed a nice pen, the price is too much for a ballpoint pen. This puzzle is available for purchase at Puzzle Master.

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