WEDGiTS Deluxe Set – 30 Piece Set

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I first came across this puzzle about 15 years ago at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. There was a booth that was displaying and selling this puzzle. After watching the demonstration, I soon saw the potential of this toy.

I bought a 15-piece set and my 8 grandchildren simply loved playing with it. They liked it so much and I ended up giving it to one of them and bought another. Kids and adults both love this game.

If you think the 15-piece set is a lot of fun, wait till you get several more. It’s a fun way to occupy your hands and mind. The puzzle parts are made of very durable and colorful plastic.

According to the booklet, there are many structures you can build it with. However, kids or adults often end up making their own structures. The possibilities are endless.

Similar to playing with Tinker Toys and Lego, using more pieces simply adds more fun to the game. If you are looking for an entertaining toy, you can’t go wrong with the WEDGiTS Deluxe Set – 30 Piece Set. This puzzle is available for purchase at Amazon.

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