3D Magna Puzzles Tropical Reef by Gamewright (4100-2)

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The 3D Magna Puzzles Tropical Reef by Gamewright is an interesting puzzle. This game consists of 16 squares made of magnetic material.

This puzzle uses a technique called lenticular printing to create the 3D effect. This is achieved by printing the picture in very thin interlaced slivers behind the plastic lens. The lens enlarges the slivers so that they appear uninterrupted across the sheet.

The 3D effect is achieved by tricking your brain into thinking that some objects are in front of others while each of your eyes shows a slightly different image. Your brain thinks that it can see past an object with one eye but not the other. As a result, some of the pictures appear to float in front of others. The 3D effect is reinforced by slight movements of the images.

Since the puzzles have magnetic backs, the pieces stay in place when assembled. It is pretty simple to set-up, especially if you use the picture but it gets a little more challenging without it. This puzzle is available for purchase at Amazon.

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