A-Frame Miniature Doll House

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A-Frame Miniature Doll House

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Source: Pamela O'Brien

I can see that the craftsmanship in this A-Frame dollhouse is superlatively detailed. I would love to have this art piece displayed in my home because quality wood craftsmanship and the gorgeous vintage details.  I find this doll house very fascinating, ingenious and entertaining.

About the A-Frame Miniature Doll House

This A-Frame Miniature Doll House was created by Pamela O’ Brien. This log house was handcrafted with the finest quality materials. The log home design was inspired by a friend’s log home in Wisconsin. Many details come from that area or are inspired by it, including the trees and leaves, which are all cut by hand. All the logs are fitted and cut by hand, as well. Pamela loves creating beautiful miniature houses and a variety of miniature scenes.

About the Artist

Pamela O’Brien is a member of the National Association of Miniaturist Enthusiasts. She has been building custom, miniature models for over 16 years already and she continuously welcomes commission projects. She also likes arranging miniature art workshops and classes for adults.

Thank you very much Pamela O’Brien for allowing us to post and share your A-Frame Miniature Doll House. If you wish to see more of her fascinating artwork, you can visit her website.

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