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Source: Martin Hunt


I can see that Martin Hunt can incredibly bring us the origami from a faraway galaxy. He had created the Starwarigami, the home of the widest variety of intricate Star Wars origami models online. I find his creative works very fascinating and striking.

About the A-Wing

This A-Wing is an original origami spaceship that was created by Martin Hunt and he calls his unique preference for creating spacecraft origami Starwarigami. This art piece was designed in 2004 and it is a Star Wars –inspired origami. He had folded from a single square of paper-backed foil. It has been box-pleated using a 48×48 grid. The crease pattern for this origami is purchasable online.

About the Artist

Martin Hunt is an origami artist and software engineer from New Zealand and he loves creating famous characters and unforgettable spaceships from the Star Wars movie. His works were already exhibited in the public. He began designing his own origami models while studying in university. His very first Star Wars model is just a simple X-Wing from the classic frog base. Martin wishes that he can author a book about origami in the future.

Thank you very much Martin Hunt for allowing us to post and share your A-Wing origami. If you wish to see more of his origami spaceships and spacecrafts, you can go and visit his website.

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