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Source: Kim Alsbrooks
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The artist Kim Alsbrooks’ style is very unique, bold, innovative, and creative. It appears as if the artist has challenged the perception of the social elite in this modern society through her White Trash Series.

About Andrew

Andrew is a historical fine oil portrait painted on a crumpled trash. Alsbrooks created a series of oil painting and named it The White Trash. She recreated historic and antique oil portraits and painted them on flattened and recycled beer cans and fast food containers which served as her canvas.

About the Artist

Kim Alsbrooks is a brilliant visual artist from Philadelphia.  She loves creating classic portraits and painting them on recycled materials. According to her, she started creating The White Trash series when she became frustrated about some of the beliefs, particularly in social class distinction.

Thank you very much, Kim Alsbrooks, for allowing us to post and share your work. If you wish to see more of her amazing artworks, you can check and visit her website.

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