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Source: Hubert De Lartigue

Spectators will love the facial expression of this photo realistic painting. The baby looks angelic, serene, and utterly adorable. This kind of painting can inspire anyone to find peace.

About the Angélique

This Angélique is a photo realistic painting by Hubert De Lartigue which was created in 2008. It is an acrylic on canvas art which measures 23.62 x 23.62 inches. This is one of the most expressive and impressive realistic photo painting from the artist.

About the Artist

Hubert De Lartigue is a French visual artist from Paris. He used to be a graphic designer and freelance illustrator who is very good in creating visual expressions. De Lartigue can make ten paintings in a year.

Thank you very much, Hubert De Lartigue, for allowing us to post and share your Angélique. If you wish to see more of his photorealistic paintings, you can check and visit his website.

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