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Astonishing Realistic Paintings

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Source: Michele Del Campo
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The artist, Michele Del Campo’s paintings are very realistic. He uses his own wet-on-wet painting technique which is quite impressive. Most of his paintings show the reflections of the modern society as well as the environment.

About the Astonishing Realistic Paintings

Michele Del Campo created the Astonishing Realistic Paintings in 2007. He used oil on linen to paint the images. Michele uses both live and still images when painting his works. He is very cautious when mixing different reference photographs taken in various times and places.

About the Artist

Michele Del Campo is a realistic painter from Italy where he studied Fine Arts. He now lives and works in London. Del Campo finished a degree in illustration and printmaking. He also joined a solo and group exhibition and has won numerous art competitions in Europe.

Thank you very much, Michele Del Campo, for allowing us to post and share the Astonishing Realistic Paintings. If you wish to see more of his incredible paintings, you can check and visit his website.

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