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Atomic Jellyfish

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Source: Bovey Lee
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This artwork is a very complex hand cut masterpiece! Believe it or not – it is made of rice paper which makes it even more interesting. This cut paper illustration is absolutely one of a kind.

About the Atomic Jellyfish

This art piece measures 27×49” and is made of Chinese xuan or rice paper and it is hand cut by Bovey Lee. This is one of the most remarkable artworks that any individual can find on the internet. Bovey added personal elements and mixed it up with contemporary art. This art piece is indeed a novelty from the traditional crafts. Paper cutting was part of Bovey’s heritage and she was able to modernize the craft. The details are full of intricacies and Bovey aims to engage her contemporary spectators in political critique to bring up the apprehensions in urbanization.

About the Artist

Bovey Lee is a creative artist from Hong Kong and her medium for paper cutting  is a rice paper called Chinese xuan. Her works are stupefying and it is not surprising that her masterpieces have been exhibited internationally. Bovey is gifted with many talents like painting and drawing; she can also work well with digital media. Above all, her paper cutting talent is truly promising and striking.  The negative effects of hasty development is depicted in most of her paper cut illustrations.

Thank you very much Bovey Lee for allowing us to post and share your Atomic Jellyfish art piece. If you wish to see more of her amazing paper cut illustrations, you can go and visit her website.

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