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Source: Alexander Semenov
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I was completely awed by this lovely picture. Jellyfish are dangerous and their sting can be fatal. However, this picture tries to convey the beauty of a jellyfish. It looks graceful and fascinating in the water. This picture gives me a great opportunity to witness the beauty of jellyfish under the sea without the danger of seeing one myself.

About theĀ Aurelia-Aurita-1

This Aurelia-Aurita-1 photograph is an extraordinary underwater picture that was taken by the talented photographer Alexander Semenov. This is another masterpiece that will bring the spectator to a wonderful underwater world. Alexander loves taking picture of jellyfish.

About the Artist

Alexander Semenov is a photographer who loves to dive in the sea and capture his favorite subject, which are different kinds of jellyfish. His main interest as a photographer is exploring the many different types of jellyfish and his expertise is taking breathtaking undersea photos. His amazing works are featured on numerous sites.

Thank you very much Alexander Semenov for allowing us to post your Aurelia-Aurita 1 photograph. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can go and visit his website.

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