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Source: David Walker

This is one of the most extreme outdoor artworks I’ve seen that is made with spray paint. It is amazing that the portrait of the girl remained expressive in spite of the explosions of the spray paint colors.

About the Batemans Row

This is one of the explosively colorful and most expressive spray paint works of David Walker. According to David, each of his street paintings include a face that he has found in a book, magazine or photograph. The obscurity of his subjects encourage the viewer to produce their own relative story for the individual who is featured in the street painting. This generates an interaction between the spectator and the art work. Most importantly, this work encourages an emotive reaction from the spectator.

About the Artist

David Walker is a London based artist who works by directly applying spray paints without the aid of stencils or brushes. Even as the colors leak and get fused on large outdoor walls, it’s quite difficult to visualize the range of control and facet that he must yield to create the shadows, lines, and textures of each piece. His works can be seen in London and Paris.

Thank you very much David Walker for allowing us to post and share your Batemans Row. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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