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Bell Pepper Light Bulbs

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Source: Carl Warner
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I really like this picture because I love bell peppers in pasta and salads. The bell peppers in the picture look fresh and I find it striking because they look like light bulbs. Carl Warner has a clever idea for presenting bell peppers in a very creative way. I can see that he has a fanciful mind through this surreal photo. This is a beautiful picture that can make every kitchen look striking.

About the Bell Pepper Light Bulbs

The Bell Pepper Light Bulbs is one of the most impressive foodscapes that Carl Warner had created. As a photography and digital art expert, Carl had used his creativity to mix up food elements with lovely backgrounds. This is a surreal photo that can bring great delight to every viewer. Carl had created this picture to bring the spectator in an imaginative world. Through this surreal photography, the spectator finds a place where in a healthy food choice can be seen in a different light.

About the Artist

Carl Warner is an expert of still photography and his concepts are extraordinary. He concentrates mainly on foodscapes and it has garnered international recognition. In fact, Carl was able to create a book which is a compilation of his foodscapes. He has the exceptional talent to mishmash food and beautiful sceneries in creating a surreal landscape. All his foodscape masterpieces are remarkable and can bring every spectator in a fantasy world of food.

Thank you very much Carl Warner for allowing us to post and share your Bell Pepper Light Bulbs. If you wish to see more of his incredible foodscapes, you can go and visit his website.

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