Bizarre Electrical Post Animated GIF

/Bizarre Electrical Post Animated GIF

Bizarre Electrical Post Animated GIF

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Source: Zach Dougherty
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At first, the animated gif appears puzzling making it hard to guess what exactly it is. After observing the animation, you’ll figure out that it is, in fact, an electrical post.

Spectators may find it bizarre and mind-blowing when the electricity becomes intense in this animated GIF.

About the Bizarre Electrical Post Animated GIF

The Bizzare Electrical Post is an animated GIF created by Zach Dougherty. He developed the electrical post to look eccentric in form and he also used effects against the backdrop make the GIF look more interesting and attractive to watch.

About the Artist

Zach Dougherty is a digital artist who has wild and quirky concepts using animated GIFs.

Thank you very much, Zach Dougherty, for allowing us to post and share your Bizarre Electrical Post animated GIF. If you wish to see more of his creative animated GIFs, you can check and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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