Black and White Rainbow #3

/Black and White Rainbow #3

Black and White Rainbow #3

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Source: Christina Empedocles


This photorealistic wax pencil drawing of the Black and White Rainbow on paper by Christina is definitely stunning. The retrospective adaptation of the crumpled rainbow drawing on paper is anything but ordinary. It is evident in her artworks that Christina is indeed a hard-working and ingenious artist.

About the Black and White Rainbow #3

The Black and White Rainbow #3 is a photorealistic drawing of Christina Empedocles in 2014 using wax pencil on paper. This impressive artwork measures 37 inches x 29 inches.

About the Artist

Christina Empedocles is a visual artist from New York. She loves archiving her personal moments and impersonations which are taken from the inspirations from her daily life. She creates contrasts from her creative imagination to the basis of reality shown in her photo realistic paintings.

Thank you very much, Christina Empedocles, for allowing us to post and share the Black and White Rainbow #3 photo-realistic drawing. If you wish to see more of her amazing artworks, you can check and visit her website.

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