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Source: Chelsea Violet

I simply adore this photo manipulation of StendhalsSyndrome. The Boot Illusion looks flawless in terms of composition. Her concepts and ideas are both mind-boggling and amusing at the same time. The image is captured using a monochromatic theme which magnifies the perception of surrealism in her artwork.

About the Boot Illusion

The Boot Illusion was created by Chelsea Violet, also known as StendhalsSyndrome. This conceptual photo manipulation has combined elements of surrealism and optical illusion. At a quick glance, the image appears like a normal boot, but once you take a closer look at it, you’ll begin to recognize the feet in the photo. This creative piece of art was inspired from “The Red Model” by Magritte.

About the Artist

Chelsea Violet, also known as StendhalsSyndrome, is a talented visual artist from Australia. She specializes in creating digital artworks and photo manipulation. Chelsea is an active member of DeviantArt, the largest online community for artists. Her creative art pieces are inspired and crafted using photo manipulation, surrealism, and optical illusion.

Thank you very much, Chelsea Violet, for allowing us to post and share the Boot Illusion. If you wish to see more of her interesting works, you can visit and check her DeviantArt page.

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