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Breaking Bad Wooden Poster

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Source: Team SpaceWolf


I was surprised to learn that this poster was wood lasered. I believe that this intricately designed art piece has undergone a complex process. Most of the details are handmade and I was really impressed.

About the Breaking Bad Wooden Poster

This Breaking Bad Wooden Poster was created by Team SpaceWolf. This is a limited edition and only 50 copies will be created. It has been laser engraved on US sourced cherry hardwood. It has also been meticulously hand cut, sanded, and oiled then placed under a powerful laser to burn the original design. This wooden poster measures 11.5in x 17.5in x .75in and it can be purchased for $200 US . It is very important to take note that every poster set is hand signed and numbered by SpaceWolf as a proof of the product’s genuineness.

About the Artist

Team SpaceWolf is a wooden poster artist based in Brooklyn. The SpaceWolf Ltd. specializes in creating beautiful laser etched wood posters, journals, jewelry, etc. Most of their works are limited edition, which makes them special. Each art piece was created in the house studio of the artist SpaceWolf. All of the materials are sourced and manufactured in the United States. Many of the pieces are made of wood, so they replace each item they sell by personally planting a tree in its place.  Every spring, the team heads out to Brooklyn to plant trees.

Thank you very much Team SpaceWolf for allowing us to post and share your Breaking Bad Wooden Poster. If you wish to see more of their incredible wooden posters, you can visit their website.

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