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Source: Robert Jahns
Source's Website: http://instagram.com/nois7

This wonderful Butterphant photo manipulation can take your sadness away. I find it surreal but in a delightful way. The photo manipulation is well made and it is such a clever idea to connect the elephant’s ears to the butterfly’s wings.

About the Butterphant

This Butterphant surreal photo manipulation was created by Robert Jahns. He has created this character in such a way that it can look amusing and charming in spite of the peculiarity.

About the Artist

Robert Jahns is an incredible art director from Hamburg. He has created striking surreal photo manipulations full of vibrant colors and heroic characters that can cheer up the viewer. Most of his work’s themes are daring characters and he is brave enough to make them look weird. He is the kind of artist who can take risks and enjoy the liberty of playing with his own imagination. The photographs always convey insightful messages which make the photo manipulation even more stimulating. He has thousands of followers on Instagram and has a community of fans on his Flickr photostream.

Thank you very much Robert Jahns for allowing us to post and share your Butterphant. If you wish to see more of his incredible photographs, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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