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Source: Clement Briend
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I find the Cambodian Trees stupefying! The projection concept of Clement is very fascinating and his artistic technique makes the photograph look bizarre. It is a clever idea to mix up reality and projection in an art piece. I was enthralled because this picture attracted me to gaze on the trees for long periods of time.

About the Cambodian Trees

Clement’s projection offers a new perception of images in space. Clement has created hybrid spaces which when attached with the photograph can confuse reality and projection as well as space and surface. Clement is trying to show with his Cambodian Trees that enigmatic and poetic character stimulates the whimsicality in every spectator. Clement is trying to depict the Cambodian culture through this art piece.  These night projections effectively convey the enchantment which resonates with Cambodia’s view of the world.

About the Artist

Clement Briend is a professor of culture and practice photography at the University of Valenciennes and he is also the originator of Collective Illuminations Policy. According to Clement, we can use projection as free speech and the creativity allows us to show imperceptible realities of our world. He believes that photographs are not simply a flat representation of something, they can be a mirror of our contemplation.

Thank you Clement Briend for allowing us to post and share your Cambodian Trees. If you wish to check out more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.


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