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Source: Vincenzo Bagni

This is yet another fantastic fractal artwork from Vince. The picture looks like a secret place with underground passages. I can imagine that it is possible for an aircraft to pass through the roof. I find Vince’s work really interesting. He was able to create a place that looks like a combination of ancient and modern design.

About the Cantico Silente

Vince version of Cantico Silente is really modern. I have learned that Vince has made this fractal artwork with Mandelbulb 3D. Vince’s work features fine structure at randomly small scales. I can see that Vince has a great eye for detail.

About the Artist

Vincenzo Bagni is a digital art hobbyist. He lives in Milan, Italy. His favorite visual artist is Jackson Pollock. His other interests are science and technology. He belongs to the Extreme Fractals group. He has been sharing his brilliant digital artworks on the deviant art website for five years. According to Vince, a lazy genius is better than an active idiot.

All his works are Copyrighted ©2008-2014 Vidom (Vincenzo Bagni). No one is allowed to redistribute or commercially use them without his written permission. Sharing his images on blogs and social media is allowed, without any commercial purposes, if the artworks aren’t modified and full credit is given with indication of his DA address VIDOM.DEVIANTART.COM or a link to it.

Thank you very much Vincenzo Bagni for allowing us to post and share your magnificent fractal artwork. If you wish to learn more about his interesting digital artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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