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Carousel Horse

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Source: Augusto Esquivel

This striking carousel horse is made entirely of buttons that were arranged on fishing thread. I can see that the artist, Augusto Esquivel,  is hard working, skillful and exceptionally creative. This kind of sculpture is definitely one of the cleverest that I had ever seen.

About the Carousel Horse

The picture of this incredible art piece is courtesy of Now Contemporary Art Gallery. This artwork was created by Augusto Esquivel and was made out of thousands of sewing buttons. He carefully placed the buttons on a fishing thread and built this brilliant carousel horse artwork.

About the Artist

Augusto Esquivel is a master creator of  button sculptures. He has made many other button sculptures; a piano, harp, gramophone, fire extinguisher and a lot more. For us, buttons are just a simple sewing item and we tend to underrate their value.  But to Augusto, buttons resemble the molecule’s structure – just like small atoms, they come together in harmony to  produce dazzling art.

Thank you very much Augusto Esquivel for allowing us to post and share your Carousel Horse button sculpture. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can go and visit his website.

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