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Source: Katrin Berge
Source's Website: http://www.katrinberge.com/

The Ceramics Project is quite fascinating, especially with its original and intricate designs. The artist, Katrin Berge, combines realism and surrealism in her drawings. The monochrome illustrations mixed with bright colored shapes make the ceramics look pretty and attractive.

About the Ceramics Project

The Ceramic Project was created by Katrin Berge in partnership with Ingrid Skarprud. The cups were produced using ceramics and measures at 9cm. Some of the porcelain cups are produced with a matte surface while the rest are coated with a glossy laminate. All of the ceramic cups are already sold but the latest ceramic edition will soon be released along with porcelain plates.

About the Artist

Katrin Berge is a brilliant visual artist and illustrator from Norway. She completed her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Her creative pieces were featured across newspapers and magazines in Norway.

Thank you very much, Katrin Berge, for allowing us to post and share your Ceramics Project. If you wish to see more of her amazing artworks, you can check and visit her website.

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