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Constellation Sculpture

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Source: Dale Dunning
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The constellation sculpture of the artist, Dale Dunning, is quite unique with surprisingly precise and intricate details. The completion of this elegant art piece involves a very meticulous process. Dale’s great passion and love for metal sculptures are shown in this ingenious piece of work.

About the Constellation Sculpture

The Constellation sculpture is a figurative masterpiece that was created by Dale Dunning. He has welded together lead type and other hard materials to produce this complex constellation statuette. This art piece is made from 900 welded bolts and washers which he embarked on a laborious process.

About the Artist

Dale Dunning is an ingenious sculptor and photographer. According to him, his sculptures are his objects of introspection and meditation. His creations serve as a reflection of his experience in new arrangements. He loves working with metal because of its physical features and the painstaking processes in creating sculptures.

Thank you very much, Dale Dunning, for allowing us to post and share the Constellation Sculpture. If you wish to see more of his amazing metal sculptures, you can check and visit his website.

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